Snow Flake Beauty

I am always anticipating the first snow. I never tire of capturing the beauty of a single flake, or a cluster. These are my favorites so far this year. Click on individual images to enlarge them for best viewing. Hope you enjoy them! Below are some tips on how to take your own 🙂

Here are some tips on capturing flakes. First is to have a good macro lens, or point and shoot with macro mode. Next is to find a black piece of cloth, or a scarf and set it up somewhere to catch flakes outside. A tripod comes in handy but isn’t totally needed. It’s best to hand focus, (thats where the tripod can come in handy!). Patience and practice is key. Shoot a single flake several times refocusing each time to ensure you capture it at it’s sharpest. Some post processing tips are to up your contrast, and add some light sharpening to the flake itself. Happy shooting!

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